Accelerating Learning in Medicine

If you missed the town hall, you can watch it on demand. Just click on the UC IT Town Hall link. Dr. Esserman gave a passionate talk about transforming health care – both the business and the outcomes. Here’s a taste of her message:

“A lot of the problem for us in medicine is that physicians and scientists have two blocks… Number one, they don’t really accept that actually medicine and science is a business. It’s actually a big business… And like any other business, we’re driven by the same things that every other business is driven by… We work on exceptional problems… but our businesses are driven a lot by many of the things that drive other businesses. And just like every other business, we’re not like every other business. But that doesn’t mean we can’t adapt some of the tools that have transformed other businesses. The second insight that I’ve had…is the fact that I don’t think people in medicine and science see management as a science. And I think that explains a lot… We think we have to invent it all within medicine. We don’t… Every great idea has been invented someplace else. And the most clever and the best people figure out how to adapt and use tools from one context and apply them in another.”


Photo credit to The Wall Street Journal

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  1. Russ Smith

    Great presentation Dr. Esserman! I work in healthcare data analytics, and would enjoy hearing what kinds of dashboards, and data metrics you think could bring big improvements to physicians and healthcare. Thanks!


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