A focus on accessibility at the UC Tech 2023 Conference

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Each year, the third Thursday of May marks Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). This May, the UC Tech Conference planning team announced their partnership with the UC Electronic Accessibility Committee in shaping content for the conference. This resulted in the largest number of accessibility-focused sessions in the 41-year history of the conference. Below are the 16 conference presentations that will ensure that conference attendees are aware of exciting developments in the rapidly evolving field of digital accessibility.

Accessibility presentations not to be missed at the UC Tech 2023 Conference

  1. SiteImprove: Insights for improving User Experience
  2. SiteImprove: Identify and Remediate Priority Accessibility issues
  3. Disrupting Our Normal: Reimagining the Cultural Blueprint of DEIBJA
  4. Bias and Data Loss in Transcript Generation
  5. Leveraging Student Workers to Improve Digital Accessibility
  6. The Accessibility Mindset: Moving Beyond Fixing, Remediating, and Adapting
  7. Getting a handle on websites at your campus 
  8. The story of a website bringing together the UCLA Community
  9. The Accessibility, Privacy, and Information Security Trifecta
  10. Resilient Multimedia: Best Practices in Higher Education
  11. Diversifying Leadership Development
  12. Usability Testing & Surveys: A data-driven, user-centered approach to designing Canvas templates
  13. Disabled Technologists – Inclusivity in a Remote First World
  14. Influencing an Inclusive Climate: Health IT Edition
  15. Easy-Bake Accessible Videos: No-Cost Options for Adding, Posting, and Downloading Captions
  16. Program Management Tools for a Diverse and Inclusive Campus Work Environment – A Case Study

To learn more, please visit: 2023 UC Tech Agenda webpage.

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