Share your story with the UC Tech community – Interview questions and options

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The UC IT blog news team looks forward to learning more about you and your work, and sharing your news with the UC tech community. You can learn more about the UC IT news team and audiences on our About Us Page or by searching this website. Below, please find the questions we typically ask our interview subjects. Some simply write us back with their answers to these questions (an “e-interview”). Others prefer to schedule time for a Zoom conversation, and we enjoy recording them and eventually using excerpts to share with others. Please scroll to the botttom of this page to see a few examples. We look forward to hearing from you.

Interview questions

Prompts to help the UC IT Blog team share more about you with the UC tech community

Can you answer the following questions as they relate to you: 

  1. Tell me about you and your career at UC (or before that) Where have you been and where are you headed, who/what influenced your journey? 
  2. Are there any technical skills, leadership skills, and/or diversity factors that are important to you that you can share with the community? 
  3. What do you find most meaningful about your work? Do you have preferred/valued resources to share w/ the UC Tech community, with those at UCOP, and/or those w/ UC (think about the three audiences and what you might share)? Those could be on a specific topic or general.  
  4. What is a typical day or week like for you (inside or outside work)? Any routines, insights or resources you can share about what makes you tick or how you get things done? Are there any Diversity Equity and Inclusion awareness events that are meaningful to you that you’d like to share?

A couple of additional ideas (feel free to take or leave them): 

  1. What do you enjoy about working in the technology field? 
  2. In what areas do you think UC is leading in your field? 
  3. Are there any current trends that you think will be important/people should know about or look forward to? 

Photos and other information

We hope you include a portrait, photos of you and your team. Some have offered pictures with family and/or pets as well.

We enjoy including bio’s, and often link to your LinkedIn profile at the bottom of each article.

Interview methods

Interview examples

C-suite Leaders

Other Community Members

E-interview (using the above questions via email)


Laurel Skurko, Marketing & Communications, IT Services, UC Office of the President
Laurel Skurko
Marketing & Communications
UC Office of the President

[Caption: Laurel Skurko, Harold Chin and Ernesto Carrasco during a recent Zoom interview]