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About the UC IT blog

The University of California (UC) Information Technology (IT) blog informs and connects those working in the technology field at the university, along with those working closely with university technologies. It is created by the UC Tech community – with over 9,000 members across 19 UC locations. The Information Technology Services Department at the UC Office of the President publishes each weekly issue thanks to hundreds of contributors. As one of our readers commented recently, “It’s the only systematic way I can hear what’s going on across the UC in IT.” 

About UC IT Blog readers

About 67% of blog audiences are in a technical role at the university. Similarly, 69% are highly experienced in their field, having worked in it for more than 10 years. About an equal portion of readers are new to the UC tech community, as they are long-time members, due to the rapid expansion of this community.

What to expect in April, 2023

We will be spreading the word about the 2023 UC Tech Awards application and nomination season, which runs through May 1st. Visit the UC Tech Awards 2023 Program Background & Application landing page, or feel free to use our UC Tech Awards 2023 Program Marketing Kit.

When & where was the Web created? You have come to the right place. April 1993 (30 years ago this month) and you will learn more from our UC tech historians! In April, there will be information on Data and Analytics, and we will continue the conversation regarding sustainability as Earth Week unfolds. Furhter, “listening organizations” will inspire our business conversations this month. We hope to see you a signature UC Tech community event, the UC Cyber Secururity Summit on April 19, 2023 at UCLA. Also, because there has been so much activity on the UC IT Blog job listings board, we encourage you to share job listings you would like us to promote. If you would like to contribute to any of these topics, feel free to reach out to UCITBlog@UCOP.eduLearn more about other upcoming topics by visiting the UC IT Blog 2023 Content Calendar

Also, in the days and weeks ahead, we plan to open a survey to glean additional insights to help ensure the blog meets the needs of UC tech audiences. Feel free to let us know if you have questions you would like us to consider, and, similarly, if you have insights (qualitative or quantitative) to share. We would be grateful to learn more.

Contact us to discuss a concept or use these blogging guidelines to send us content any time.

February 2023 scorecard

Results of blog contributors’ recent input includes:

  • Email open rates remain at ~40%, with 1.3K reading the newsletter each week and an average of ~544 reading each article in the first two weeks after posting (nearly 2x prior month). There are total of 3,423 subscribers today, unchanged vs last month.
  • The UC IT Blog team is supporting five major UC tech community initiatives, among others, and looks forward to sharing marketing updates on these projects with the community shortly as well.

February 2023 shout-outs

Each week, thanks to the generosity of contributers like those listed below, we stories and insights that keep the UC IT community connected and informed. This helps them find opportunities and paves the way to the digital transformation happening at the university and in our industry.

  1. 02/02/2023 – UC Tech Black History Month Challenge from Van Williams – For this issue, with gratitude to Van Williams, UC Office of the President.
  2. 02/08/2023 – Jim Madden Reflects on 50 Years at UC San Diego – For this issue, with gratitude to Jim Madden, Mark Hersberger, and Leslie Sepuka, UC San Diego, Connie Tremblay, UC Office of the President, and Xanat Hernandez, UC Irvine.
  3. 02/15/2023 – Deadlines Approaching for UC Tech 2023 – For this issue, with gratitude to Rita Rosenthal, UC Berkeley.
  4. 02/24/2023 – Celebrating Black Excellence in IT: A Conversation with Aisha Jackson; Navigating dominant culture for LGBTQ+ staff; Process Palooza – Learn more in this message from President Drake – For this issue, with gratitude to President Michael V. Drake, M.D., Aisha Jackson, Cheyenne Matthews-Hoffman, UC Santa Cruz, Claudia Gey, UC Berkeley, and Mojgan Amini, UC San Diego

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