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About the UC IT blog

The University of California (UC) Information Technology (IT) blog informs and connects those working in the technology field at the university, along with those working closely with university technologies. It is created by the UC Tech community – with nearly 10,000 members across 22 UC locations. The Information Technology Services Department at the UC Office of the President publishes each weekly issue thanks to hundreds of contributors. As one of our readers commented recently, “It’s the only systematic way I can hear what’s going on across the UC in IT.” 

About UC IT Blog readers

About 67% of blog audiences are in a technical role at the university. Similarly, 69% are highly experienced in their field, having worked in it for more than 10 years. About an equal portion of readers are new to the UC tech community vs long-term members of the university. About 40% of the UC IT Blog audience of 3K opens the newsletter each weekly issue, while most reporting reading it about one time per month.

What to expect in May 2024

Starting May 1, there are early deadlines for the UC Tech conference. Also in May, we celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day (G.A.A.D.), and  Asian-Pacific Islander, Jewish, Elder, & Military History/Appreciation Months. Please share your views and news on these and other topics of interest to you. See the 2024 UC Tech community content calendar here.

Contact us to discuss a concept or use these blogging guidelines to send us content any time. If you are available to provide an interview, feel free to send us answers to these interview questions.


Each week, thanks to the generosity of contributors like those listed below, we share stories and insights that keep the UC IT community connected and informed. This helps them find opportunities and paves the way to the digital transformation happening at the university and in our industry.

  1. March 28, 2024, Issue 315: UC Tech Awards Webinars; Sarvani Chadalapaka, UCI ZotGPT, UC Tech Presentations, Earth Hour – For this issue, with gratitude to Sarvani Chadalapaka, UC Merced, Xanat Hernandez, UC Irvine, Iris Chelaru, UC Davis, and others who provided important news and updates.
  2. March 15, 2024, Issue 314: Women Rock IT; Gen AI; Cybersecurity Leaders; Becker’s List; UC Irvine’s Waypoints Symposium – For this issue, with gratitude to the Women in Tech community, Camille Crittendon, UC Berkeley, Tanya Jensen, UCSF, Wendy Rager and Judi Baker, UC Office of the President, Xanat Hernandez, UC Irvine, and others who provided important news and updates.
  3. March 8, 2024, Issue 313: TDS UCOP News; Kreylos UC Tech Award, UCD Health, UCSC SV Ext Course, UC – For this issue, with gratitude to Van Williams and Molly Greek, UC Office of the President, Oliver Kreylos, UC Davis, Kiki Godfrey, UC Davis Health, and others who provided important news and updates.
  4. March1, 2024: Issue 312: UC Tech Awards, Shoreh DEI Leadership, Lunar New Year, and UCUX event – For this issue, with gratitude to Shohreh Bozorgmehri, UC Irvine, Anna Chan, UC Office of the President, Anna Ahearn, UCLA, and others who provided important news and updates.

As always, please let us know how we can help you share your updates with the UC tech community. You can reach the blog team via email or feel free to schedule time using this Calendly link.

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