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By John Ruzicka and Laurel Skurko. Do you have a story, news or an upcoming event to share with 9,000 Information Technology (IT) colleagues and others working with technology and technology teams across 19 University of California (UC) locations?

The UC Technology community is looking forward to learning more about you, your team and your work and welcomes you to share any news that you find relevant to our community. This engagement helps our members build their skills and networks to support innovations in their work and their career-progression as well.

Since 2014, nearly 500 people have written for this blog. Benefits include finding those addressing similar issues, recognition, and more. And the readers? They also appreciate the resulting collaboration and learning about others. As one of them put it at the UC Tech Conference last month, “It’s the only systematic way I can hear what’s going on across the university in IT.”

We thought we would take this opportunity to invite you to join our growing community of contributers.

  1. If you have an upcoming event, send it our way.
  2. Were you or a team member in the news recently? Did you receive a recognition? Let us know!
  3. If you would like to create a story for this blog, or have us convert someting you published elesewhere, feel free to consider some of the blogging tips, below.
  4. Would you like to share best-practices in marketing and growing your audiences? Contact us!

Timeline: We hope to finalize your blog the month before it is published here, if possible. Once you submit, we provide some editing suggestions, then return it to you for a final approval before scheduling it.


  1. Angle/Approach: Consider your angle – “How To” and “Lists” (i.e. 3 ways to…)  posts perform well 
  1. Length: 500-1,500 words is ideal, with the shorter pieces getting the highest readership. 
  1. Lede/or lead: The first sentence is an important/attention grabbing fact that summarizes the article
  1. Images/Video:  Please include at least one main image and a bio shot of each author. Each image must include a caption. For the bio shot, include the name, title, department, institution, UC campus. For any video (optional), please consider embedding multimedia (YouTube is preferable currently) videos into your blog post. 
  2. Title:  Your title should be 40-60 characters long. 
  3. Call to Action: Encourage people to learn more and/or engage with you by sharing a website landing page, your social handles, etc. 
  4. Language complexity:  Write for a high school student vs for someone with specialized knowledge in your topic. Acronyms? Use acronyms after using the complete words/names in the initial reference 
  5. Promotion: Once we publish, we will prompt you via email to share a link via email and/or your social networks to increase engagement. We will also post on the UC-IT Twitter and/or our LinkedIn Group page and hope to connect with you there as well. 

We welcome those who read the UC IT blog or engage with the UC Technology community to contribute to this community blog.

Questions? Please contact  

John Ruzicka

John Ruzicka is a Business Analyst, Information Technology Services, UC Office of the President. 

Laurel Skurko is Marketing & Communications Specialist, Information Technology Services,
UC Office of the President.