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By Rita Rosenthal. Emerging from a vision to provide a dedicated space for women technologists and allies to connect, engage with one another, collaborate, and share stories, the UC Women in Tech (WIT) committee is excited to introduce an all-new website tailored to fulfill this purpose! The site soft-launched in mid-July just in time to share during our meetups and the session we sponsored at the UC Tech conference; we’re now poised to reveal this invaluable resource to the entire UC community on a university-wide scale.

You can visit the new website at Here is a snapshot of what you will find:

A Journey of Ideation and Innovation

Since the formation of the UC WIT committee in September 2018, there has always been a web presence on the main UCOP website where you can find our charter, member roster, and events. We extend our gratitude to colleague and committee member Judy Thai, Director of Application Engineering in the ITS-Information Technology Services department, for her ongoing maintenance of the page throughout these years.

After going through a branding process led by then UC WIT co-chair Vanessa Kaskiris, our path led us to a stroke of luck. We crossed paths with Kelsey Cowan, a graphic designer who graciously offered her services pro bono. Cowan was provided with the UC brand guide to be sure our design was aligned with that boldly CA look and feel. Several amazing versions of a logo were presented to the committee who then voted to determine the final design. Once we had these brand assets in place, we began thinking about how to share more info and connect with our community.

The Blossoming of Collaboration

It was the collaboration from our Digital Outreach and Web subcommittee led by Regina Castleman and Carolina Manel that planted the seed for the new website. The vision was to not only incorporate our new brand into our web presence but to also build out the content further to include the programs and initiatives that the UC WIT is involved with and information on how to engage to build community beyond our committee membership. It would not only offer a space to share invaluable resources and stories but also emerge as the go-to destination where women could find the support and information required to navigate various junctures of their careers.

From that seed, Castleman and Manel worked with Judy on how to make this new site a reality. Questions that bubbled up early in the process included: Who would host it? And, who would manage it? This led to Judy reaching out to UCOP’s CIO Molly Greek who generously offered to sponsor this work. Once funding and the domain were secured, combining their unique skills and talents, the UC WIT Digital Outreach committee brought this idea to life. Castleman lent her creative flair to infuse the website with the UC branding identity. Judy, ever meticulous, ensured the site’s compliance with accessibility standards, creating an inclusive digital space. Meanwhile, Manel, the adept web developer, orchestrated intricate coding edits, weaving together the intricate threads of functionality.

When asked about how the website developed over time, Castleman said, “Throughout these different committee projects we have worked on over the last few years, it’s like one idea would sprout a new one. Until arriving where we are today with the launch of our website.” Her favorite moment in this process, Castleman explains, “Beyond the website, the community building of getting to know different people within this community of Women in Tech has been a wonderful experience. It has been so great to see how people want to jump in and help out. If you are willing to put the effort in, soon people will flock to help out often simply just by asking.”

As we introduce our new website to the world, we celebrate the remarkable synergy between technology and teamwork. The UC WIT committee’s journey, captured through pixels and code, is a testament to the transformative power of vision, unity, and shared purpose. With the click of a button, we invite you to explore a world where empowerment meets innovation.

We need you! Contribute content or feedback as we continue to evolve the site

Unveiling the new UC WIT website marks the initial step in an ongoing journey towards crafting a dynamic platform. This platform is envisioned to be a thriving space for women across the UC system to amplify their voices, celebrate team achievements, and narrate compelling stories within the realm of women in technology. Our aspirations extend beyond this launch, as we strive to expand the horizons of this evolving platform! We want to build out our events calendar further and plan to partner with local WIT chapters to share events that are open to all. Adding job openings and mentorship opportunities (both as mentor and mentee) are other ideas being explored.

Our committee membership leverages the systemwide UC IT Blog to promote our initiatives and events. We welcome articles from both UC WIT members and the broader community on topics of potential interest. Your contributions in the form of articles, podcasts, or videos that highlight women in technology and provide valuable insights are eagerly anticipated. These materials will be featured on the UC IT Blog and our website, allowing for broader sharing. 

More ways to Connect with UC WIT

In addition to exploring our new website regularly for upcoming events, news, and updated resources, here are a few more ways you can engage with UC WIT;

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Rita Rosenthal
Director of Communications, Department of Information Technology
UC Berkeley
UC Women in Technology (WIT) committee member