Introducing Veteran Matthew Linzer

UC Tech Vets - Thank you

Name: Matthew Linzer
Identity: Veteran
Job Title/Role/Location: Information Security Manager, UCOP ITS Systemwide Information Security Office
Background: US Navy
Are there any UC events or new sources that you suggest we share?
Yes, please share the following:

Cybersecurity is not a one person or one office job, cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility. UC information security professionals face unprecedented challenges, and we need your help. The former UC President, Janet Napolitano, while serving as the Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, made famous the familiar phrase, “If You See Something, Say Something” and this phrase is applicable to everything cyber-related. Please report cybersecurity related incidents to your Location information security office. Outside of reporting suspicious cyber-related activity, get to know your Location information security staff and seek their input on IT matters. We would love to get to know you more. With shared awareness, trust, and mutual respect, we as a unified UC can overcome cybersecurity challenges. Thank you for your continued vigilance.

Editors’ Note: We are deeply grateful to Linzer for providing his views, and for every veteran in our community for all that you have done for our country and our organization. If you would like to share more about your experience and/or perspective, we would welcome you to contact us. This month, the UC Net team is also collecting stories, so we would share it with them as well to increase your recognition and visibility. We have learned that exchanging diverse views provids meaning and stimulates innovation among so many. To learn more about submitting your update, please visit a recent blog post on the topic – or simply contact us via email: