Networking event: Join UC design experts to discuss database design, process design and accessibility on Wednesday, December 12, 2-3 pm

Networking event with UC Tech Award winners

On Tuesday, December 12, 2023, 2-3 pm, join UC Tech Award Design winners Robert Krumm, UCSF, database developer, Ernesto Carrasco, UCLA, director Governance Risk and Compliance, and Harold Shin, UCLA, senior IT risk analyst, as well as Kelsey Couzzo, formerly senior Tableau developer, UCSF. They will share design techniques used to improve data visualization and process improvements. Meet like-minded team members across the UC and beyond for 60 minutes of networking, while sharing perspectives on these important design topics. We hope to spend the final 15 minutes exchanging reflections on 2023, goals for 2024, and how the UC tech community can support you.

Event Details

Networking Event: Database design, process design and design accessibility

Tuesday, December 12, 2-3 p.m.
Host: UC Office of the President
Topics: Network among your design colleagues and enjoy a presentation and conversation led by Robert Krumm, UCSF, Ernesto Carrasco and Harold Shin, UCLA, and Kelsey Couzzo, Quantivly. We look forward to hearing your perspectives and questions.
Registration: Zoom Registration Link

Learning objectives:

  • Innovation in designing data for accessibility and relevance.
  • Learn about data storytelling and data visualization techniques for effective communication.
  • Methods of collecting, storing and connecting data with a complete understanding of how that data will be used.
  • Online retail industry techniques (i.e. from the online wine and pet food sectors) in coding and database design to support work at UC.


Laurel Skurko, Marketing & Communications, IT Services, UC Office of the President
Laurel Skurko
Marketing & Communications
UC Office of the President