NEWS: UC Office of the President Technology Delivery Services annual review

Technology Delivery Services Annual Review

Technology Delivery Services (TDS), part of Information Technology Services (ITS) at UC Office of the President, recently completed its annual review for the fiscal year 2022-2023. TDS is part of the UC Operations division and focuses on providing high-quality customer service, securing data, and modernizing services to help the UC achieve its mission (“to serve society as a center of higher learning”). The review covers the July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023 time period.

Key statistics

  1. Supported payroll and open enrollment for more than 220,000 employees
  2. 81 projects completed by 275+ employees and contractors
  3. Processed 245,000+ UC applications including a record 14,752 in the final hour to submit
  4. Received and resolved 14,000+ Information Technology (IT) support calls
  5. Blocked more than 10 million hacking attempts
  6. Prevented 29,000+ unique phishing emails
  7. Stopped more than 25% of incoming emails that consistent of SPAM, malware, or phishing attempts

Distinctive approaches to supporting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

TDS is working on updating all systems to comply with the Gender and Lived Name policy. Learn more about this exciting process in the annual review. Additionally, when it comes to supporting equity, diversity and inclusion, TDS leadership team is proud that half (50%) of their leadership team is female, versus IT organizations nationwide, where 28% of females are in a leadership role. []

New Partnership with UC Investments

UC Investments manages over $152 billion in total assets for the university system. This includes retirement funds, endowments and operating expenses. This merits a cybersecurity focus similar to that of a global asset manager.

TDS partnered with UC Investments to institute cybersecurity improvements to protect the environment where multi-billion-dollar transactions are managed. Client Services, Infrastructure, and Information Security units worked with UC Investments to implement customized phishing tests, monthly cybersecurity training, best-in-class security detection and response tools, along with improvements to network security. Additionally, the Information Security team is developing unit-level reports showing the unit’s cyber risk and trends. Read more about this partnership in the UC Tech News team’s coverage.

Application statistics overall, in the last day, and in the last hour for the 2022-2023 cycle

UC Application portal: Managing exponential growth in internet traffic

ApplyUC is the application that high school and transfer students use to apply for admission to UC’s nine undergraduate campuses. Each year, there is a peak period for applications, usually close to when they are due. To handle this, TDS moved the application to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This year, the number of applications received on the last day more than doubled, reaching 87,293 applicants. Within the last hour of submission, 14,752 applications were received, which is a 50% increase from the previous year. Despite these record-breaking numbers, the application portal remained stable throughout the application process.

About Information Technology Services (ITS) Technology Delivery Services (TDS) at the UC Office of the President

Information Technology Services (ITS) Technology Delivery Services’ (TDS) team at the UC Office of the President provides system-wide support, managing about 200 IT applications, many of which operate system-wide. TDS has about 250 employees. Van Williams is the chief information officer of the University of California, and Molly Greek is the chief information officer of the UC Office of the President.