October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Protect Your Digital Life – Be CyberSafe 

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

By Cecelia Finney. October 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, launched by the National Cybersecurity Alliance and the Department of Homeland Security. This is a milestone that reflects the continuous evolution of security awareness and education throughout the country. This October, the University of California’s theme is: “Protect Your Digital Life – Be CyberSafe. Locations around the system will host events to help our community learn about and address security challenges to protect ourselves and every stakeholder at the university. Learn more about our systemwide events and activities  and register early to participate by visiting the UC Cybersecurity Awareness Month Calendar of Events.


Take the recommended 4 steps to be protected

To help safeguard your information and the university, we encourage you to focus on the four key cybersecurity behaviors, which can be employed in both your personal and professional lives.   

  1. Use strong passwords passphrases, and where possible, password managers: Implement robust passwords, and passphrases to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your data. Consider using a password manager to safely store and remember your passwords.  
  2. Turn on multi-factor authentication (MFA): This extra layer of protection reduces the likelihood of unauthorized access to your accounts.  
  3. Recognize and report phishing: Do not open links suspicious emails and block emails from unauthorized senders. At work, report suspicious email and behavior to your IT department. 
  4. Update software: Regularly updating your operating system, applications, and security software can help protect against threats.  

Register for UC events and other ways to learn more about developments in cybersecurity

There are many ways to take part in Cybersecurity Awareness Month at the university and to create a safer, more secure, and more trusted environment. From our Systemwide Cybersecurity Awareness Month landing page, you can:

  • Link to your location’s Information Security Office for best practices and recommendations for your specific work location.
  • Register to join our events, download the Cybersecurity Awareness Month Zoom backgrounds (with location branding) and explore additional resources to learn more about cybersecurity safety for both you and your family.


Cecelia Finney
Cecelia Finney 
Manager, Systemwide Cyber Risk Awareness and Strategy
UC Office of the President