Presenting at EDUCAUSE? Send details by September 25nd for the UC EDUCAUSE directory

UC Tech 2022 lobby shot

By Laurel Skurko.
 The UC IT news team will publish a directory of UC staff presentations at EDUCAUSE next week in the UC IT newsletter. This will help members of the UC Tech community learn more about critical projects and connect directly at the EDUCAUSE conference, so please verify that your presentation is listed in the DRAFT directory of UC staff presentations at EDUCAUSE. If your presentation is not listed, please let us know by Monday, September 25 via email at


For those new to the higher education technology industry, the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2023 will gather experts at the interface of higher education and technology industries. The EDUCAUSE trade association is a membership-based organization, open to UC employees. They provide a wealth of critical information year-long. The annual conference will take place October 9-12, 2023, in Chicago, and on-line October 18-19, 2023.

About EDUCAUSE Membership and Benefits 

Many UC tech community members may be eligible to use EDUCAUSE’s online resources, as most UC locations are members. Each employee is eligible to create an EDUCAUSE profile and use EDUCAUSE resources year-round. For those in the UC Tech community not yet engaged with EDUCAUSE, I highly recommend creating your profile

The links below are a great way for everyone at member institutions to become engaged with EDUCAUSE and get the most out of their membership. Questions? Please contact Parke George Member Relations Specialist. 

Getting-started at EDUCAUSE: key resources 

EDUCAUSE members receive the discounted member price to all events (some webinars are also free for members). Please visit the EDUCAUSE Events Page  

Other resources include:  

  1. Community Groups – online communities where professionals learn, share, and network with each other around similar topics and interests  
  2. Top IT Issues, Techs, and Trends 
  3. New Dx Journey Map – this is all about Digital Transformation and the future of higher education  
  4. Mentoring Program – our new mentoring program 
  5. EDUCAUSE Institutes – helps to advance leadership skills 
  6. IT Leaders Membership Orientation – a must-read for all current and future leaders 
  7. CDS/Analytics Services – analytics benchmark survey that member institutions can participate in  
  8. Learn and Advance Hub – helps with professional development opportunities at EDUCAUSE  
  9. EDUCAUSE Ambassador Program 

[Cover image caption: Image from EDUCAUSE 2022, in Denver, Colorado.]