UC Davis Information & Education Technology revamps their jobs site to support IT recruiting  

#UC Davis Heart Marker

By Anna Ligtenberg Heller. Information & Educational Technology (IET) at UC Davis recently completed a project to improve and expand their recruiting communication to more effectively attract and hire qualified staff in highly competitive job market. They did this by creating a new marketing tool kit, including an updated website and featured video.

The project focused on improving and modernizing IET’s recruiting image through strengthening the digital presence of UC Davis IT jobs and by reinforcing the message, “you belong here.”  In addition to creating messaging for all elements of the campaign, IET communications was responsible for producing the 80-second video that features IET staff. They scripted, narrated, shot and edited the video.

The project team, led by both IET communications and HR staff, launched the new jobs page as well as the short video in the summer of 2022. We hope you enjoy them!

If you have any questions, please contact the IET Communications team at ietcomms@ucdavis.edu

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Ahna Ligtenberg Heller
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