UC Secures Systemwide Agreement for Kaltura 

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By Roshni Pratap. University of California (UC) Systemwide Procurement recently executed a new UC-wide agreement with Kaltura for an enterprise video content management (EVCM) solution. This will reduce total cost of ownership while maximizing benefits to each UC location by leveraging the power of group purchasing across the UC. 

The Request for Proposal (RFP)

With the onset of Covid, the need for remote learning increased substantially. To meet this demand, UC Systemwide Procurement collaborated with the Education Technology Leadership Committee (ETLC) and the IT Sourcing Committee (ITSC) to: 

  • Establish the RFP team
  • Determine UC’s current and future needs 
  • Conduct a competitive RFP
  • Evaluate supplier responses 
  • Identify the highest quality solutions for the best prices and terms

The RFP process resulted in multiple awards including Kaltura. Todd Van Zandt, Chair of ETLC & Manager, Teaching & Learning Technology Services, UC Davis, was pleased with the results, saying, “We are pleased with the outcome of this RFP.” He continued, “It has significantly reduced costs for every campus, while allowing each to select the platform that best meets the unique needs of their campus community.”  

Benefits to the UC 

Kaltura’s technology creates more agile, versatile and effective learning environments to support teaching and learning, in addition to the benefits listed below:

  1. Improved pricing
  2. Price protection – fixed pricing for the initial five-year term
  3. Agreement terms aligned with UC’s needs and compliant with policy and laws, including UC Appendix DS

The Kaltura Agreement is available to all UC locations. To view the agreement, visit CalUsource (Login with SSO) and search by the agreement number 2022003305.

Meet the UC RFP team on the project 

  • Allison Czapracki (UC Berkeley)
  • Suzanne Harrison  (UC Berkeley)
  • Jeremy Cooke (UC Davis)
  • Kris Naegeli  (UC Davis)
  • David Pritikin (UC Irvine) 
  • Michelle Lew (UCLA)
  • Michael Samojlik (UCLA)
  • Edson Gonzales (UC Merced) 
  • Rachel Leigh Peters (UC Merced)
  • Julia Jackson (UC Riverside)
  • Muhammad Siddiqui-Ali  (UC Riverside)
  • Bruce Horn  (UC Santa Cruz)
  • Dan Suchy (UC San Diego)
  • Robin Martin (UC San Diego)
  • Matt Epperson (UCSF)
  • Neil Kronenthal (UCOP) 
  • Matthew Linzer (UCOP)
  • Judy Thai (UCOP)
  • Roshni Pratap (UCOP)


Roshni Pratap - Commodity Manager, IT Strategic Sourcing, UC Systemwide Procurement, UC Office of the President
Roshni Pratap Commodity Manager, IT Strategic Sourcing, UC Systemwide Procurement, UC Office of the President