UC Tech Academy – Overview 

The UC Tech Academy is a suite of professional development programs for the UC Tech Community, including IT Leadership, Applied Intelligence Mentorship, Digital Risk Leadership, and Leading From Where You Are. The programs address the needs of a range of job levels. They are generally open to the UC Tech community, which consists of professionals across the university who work in IT.  

UC Tech Academy goals 

  1. Skills development: Provide opportunities for employees to acquire the new skills needed to excel in supporting the university’s rapidly changing IT needs, and in the highly competitive tech industry. 
  1. Professional growth: Prepare participants for opportunities for professional advancement by providing skills in leadership and management. 
  1. Retention: Help the university retain top IT talent by offering staff the training they need to succeed in their work and advance in their professional careers. 
  1. Culture improvement: Training in the process of creating a workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent by valuing employees as people with diverse backgrounds and needs. 

Program offerings 

Click on the programs below for more information, including eligibility requirements, for each. 

UC IT Leadership Program
1. IT Leadership Program: Provides leadership skills to prepare participants to advance in their careers and to support change within the UC technology arena.
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2. Applied Intelligence Mentorship Program: Provides cyber security professionals the skills they need to improve existing Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) products and work streams, while developing professional networks with peers for ongoing collaboration. 
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3. Digital Risk Leadership Program: Offers advanced leadership training for senior UC professionals in disciplines that collaborate on digital and cyber risk, including security, privacy, legal, audit, law enforcement, risk, compliance, and public safety.
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4 The Lead From Where You Are Program: Recognizes and engages individual contributors and managers to build their confidence, and enable them to see a pathway for contributing in a more significant way to the success of the organization.


Kristin Cordova
Kristin Cordova
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