Volunteering helps Womxn in Tech find purpose

UC Womxn in Tech

Engaging in activities that benefit others can be incredibly rewarding. Volunteering, in particular, can foster social connections, build professional networks, boost self-confidence, and promote greater life satisfaction.

Within the UC Womxn in Tech committee, volunteering isn’t just a service; it’s a platform where passion meets purpose. This article explores the transformative journey of volunteering within the University of California Womxn in Tech committee and delves into avenues where individuals across the system can contribute.

“Volunteering in the UC Womxn in Tech community holds immense personal significance for me, particularly in my role as chair. Bringing my unique perspective as a Latina woman in tech allows me to promote representation for the underrepresented in the tech field. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for me to collaborate with women who bring diverse perspectives and passion to Tech within a higher education institution of worldwide prestige.”

Carolina Manel, UC WIT Chair; Senior Application Developer for the School of Biological Sciences (UC Irvine)

“Volunteering with UC Womxn in Technology allows me to not only serve womxn technologists across the system but also provides me with a platform as a Black woman technology leader to be seen, and I am a firm believer that seeing the thing you are striving to become can be a deciding factor in whether you believe you can accomplish it.”

Charron Andrus, UC WIT Co-chair; Associate Chief Information Security Officer for Berkeley IT: Information Security Office (UC Berkeley

“The volunteers that I’ve been able to work with since my undergraduate years at UCLA, many of whom were women who carved out paths for themselves in their former careers, have been constant inspirations both professionally and personally. They have come from careers in aerospace, engineering, finance, and real estate, and have been willing to share not just their time but expertise and experience.”

Deidre Brin, UC WIT Member; Digital Archaeology Lab & Data Publication Director of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology (UCLA)

“I strongly believe that surrounding myself with strong womxn has contributed to my success, so I volunteer with WIT to help provide that for other womxn looking for community and support. Working 100% remotely isolates people in a way, so for me, being part of WIT at UCD is my connection to people on campus beyond my team and the customers I work with. There should be more womxn, especially Latinx womxn working in Tech and I’m happy to help push the change to diversify the industry through WIT’s mission.”

Erica Ávila, UC WIT Member; Business Systems Analyst (UC Davis)

“I am proud of the work we have done over the years on the UC Womxn in Tech committee and thrilled to be able to take part in helping to nurture our growing community further. Volunteering these past few years has been a highlight in my career. Meeting and collaborating with great people, helping to lift voices of womxn across all UC locations, and feeling a strong sense of belonging within UC WIT.”

Rita Rosenthal, UC WIT Communications Chair; Director of Communications for Berkeley IT: Strategy & Partnerships (UC Berkeley)

Networking and collaboration

UC WIT members, driven by their shared interest in Information Technology, find a unique opportunity for networking and collaboration. Through these connections, they form valuable partnerships, unlocking new opportunities and collaborations with fellow committee members and women across all UC campuses.

Building Community

At the core of Womxn in Tech initiatives lies the concept of building a community. Volunteers actively empower others with knowledge and skills through workshops, webinars, and outreach programs, bridging the gender gap in technology. This month, we are thrilled to announce the expansion of the UC WIT committee to include Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), marking a significant step in our mission to promote gender equity and inclusivity in the tech industry. Joining the committee as representatives for LBL are Arica Chhay, Lisa Claus, Tuyo Davis, and Wei Feinstein. Established with 17 locations, our committee has grown to 18 with the addition of Berkeley Lab, amplifying our efforts to empower women in technology across the University of California. Meet all our UC WIT committee members.

Leading by Example: Inspiring Others

Volunteers naturally become role models, demonstrating through their actions, dedication, and accomplishments, what empowerment truly looks like. Their influence reaches beyond the UC Womxn in Tech community; as they inspire not only UC staff but also students, who observe their growth and commitment. Volunteers challenge stereotypes and dismantle barriers, shaping a culture of empowerment within their networks and the larger tech industry.

Honoring Commitments

The UC Womxn in Technology Committee comprises busy individuals juggling various responsibilities, from serving in leadership roles, managing projects, and exploring tech innovations to troubleshooting and coding complex programs. Alongside these commitments, they also manage families, children, meals, pets, and their own self-care. While volunteering in their free time, it’s crucial not to overburden themselves, avoiding the risk of burnout or being unable to meet obligations. Volunteers focus on tasks that genuinely make an impact, dedicating their time to meaningful work with utmost dedication and effort.

Your Contribution Matters

We invite you to help shape the future of our UC Womxn in Tech community. Your contribution matters, and we welcome your active involvement. Here’s how you can lead the way through volunteering:

  1. Join the Committee: Become an integral part of our Womxn in Tech committee, bringing your unique perspective and ideas to the table. Use this membership form to nominate yourself or other individuals at your campus location to join the UC Women in Tech committee. It’s important to note that each campus is allocated a maximum of four members. If all positions are currently filled, nominees will be contacted and allowed to serve as volunteers within their local chapter until a spot becomes available for them to rotate onto full membership. Volunteers are invited to UC WIT committee meetings as needed, based on their role but not required to attend monthly meetings. Nominations submitted will be redirected to the respective campus representatives for careful consideration and assessment. Learn more: Membership Details | Current Roster.
  2. Contribute Resources: Share your knowledge by submitting resources such as books, articles, videos, and online tutorials that can benefit our community members.
  3. Lead Workshops or Talks: Volunteer to host workshops, webinars, or talks, sharing your expertise and empowering others with valuable skills and insights.
  4. Share Relevant Events: Keep us informed about events happening on your campus or in your region that are relevant to the Womxn in Tech community and we can add them to our centralized UC WIT website.
  5. Submit Your Ideas: We value your creativity! Share your innovative ideas on how to promote professionalism among the Womxn in Tech community. 
  6. Tell Your Story/Herstory: Do you have a powerful and inspiring story on the history of your tech journey to share? Send your story to us to be featured on our website and LinkedIn page.
  7. Add Your Voice & Engage on Social Media: Join the conversation on Slack #women_in_tech and follow the UC WIT LinkedIn page to keep up with news, spotlights, and more related to Womxn in tech across the UC system or engage with other Womxn in Tech.
  8. Show Your UC WIT Pride: Download a UC WIT Zoom background to help spread the word about our committee and community.


If you have questions about volunteering with UC WIT or want to learn more, in general, please feel free to reach out to your local UC WIT representatives or anyone on the committee.


Carolina Manel
UC WIT Chair
Senior Application Developer
UC Irvine | School of Biological Sciences

Charron Andrus
UC WIT Co-chair
Associate Chief Information Security Officer
UC Berkeley | Berkeley IT: Information Security Office

Rita Rosenthal
UC WIT Communications Chair
Director of Communications
UC Berkeley | Berkeley IT: Strategy & Partnerships