13th Cyber Security Summit Attracts 600 Attendees!

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By Wendy Rager. Thanks so much to everyone who was a part of making the 13th UC Cyber Security Summit a success! We saw incredible turnout, particularly for our mainstage events, with nearly 600 individual attendees and over 21,000 page views. 

The main theme of this year’s April 20 summit was “people.” People are at the heart of cybersecurity, from cause to effect to resolution. 

Topics ranged broadly. In her keynote, Jules Okafor, emphasized the need to truly engage employees in security efforts. Ed Skoudis provided practical cybersecurity tips for people at every level of involvement. Chris Hadnagytaught us the science of social engineering and how it can be used ethically to identify security gaps at the human level. 

In addition to great individual speakers, we hosted social-lounge conversations centered around two critical and sometimes overlapping areas: accessibility and COVID-19 and how they connect to cybersecurity at a practical level. 

The afternoon panel discussed the intersection of privacy and security, providing not only details about the legal aspects of privacy and compliance, but also reminding us that privacy isn’t about what needs to be hidden, rather it concerns what needs to be protected. 

There were many great opportunities to learn and connect, and we also had a great time with winning points and claiming prizes. The top three leaderboard winners were from UC Davis: Andrew Korioth (1st place), Matthew Fox-Humphreys (2nd place), and John Tang (3rd place). We are especially thankful to Jared Young and Marcus Cappellazzo for keeping our energy up with games, trivia, and live music. 

As a reminder, sessions were recorded for playback, so if you missed something or simply want to review, registered attendees may log into the summit site and navigate from the agenda page to the session you want. If you are having trouble viewing a recorded session, or have questions, please reach out to uccybersummit@ucop.edu.

Thank you again for coming together as a community for this summit. The event reminded us that, even as we advance technological response capabilities, we must always account for the human element. This was evident in the questions you asked and the answers our speakers and vendors provided.

Wendy Rager
Wendy Rager is manager, Cyber-Risk Coordination Center, Information Technology Services, UC Office of the President.

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