EDUCAUSE issues technology leadership report

I’ve been blessed with many opportunities to learn from great leaders throughout my career.  In some cases, I simply had the chance to work for very effective leaders and see them in action.  At other times, I participated in development programs that provided access to some of the best minds in leadership.  So when EDUCAUSE asked me last year to contribute to a work group on IT leadership and the emerging strategic role of the CIO, I was happy to lend my voice.  The group was made up ten CIOs from across the US and the UK.  We spent a lot of time debating what aspects of the higher education CIO makes people successful in this very challenge and exciting industry. We also talked about technology’s growing importance in research and education, and the competencies that the next generation of CIOs will need. The final report was just published; I think it speaks well to our field and what we need from tomorrow’s leaders.  I hope you enjoy it.

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