EDUCAUSE puts focus on IT accessibility

Last month the EDUCAUSE Review published an article, “Implementing an Accessibility Policy: An Insider’s Guide,” by two IT staff at UCB – Lucy Greco (pictured) and Anna Gazdowicz. Lucy tells her personal story as a blind person, and how technology can be both a powerful enabler and a barrier. Now as UCB’s web accessibility evangelist, she is helping create a culture of web accessibility on campus, and leads clinics to test websites and teach developers how to make them accessible to people with disabilities. In an accompanying video, she and John Gunderson, coordinator of assistive community and accessibility, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, have four tips for CIOs about engaging accessibility. Gunderson said, “We’re not going to be accessible overnight, but we have to have goals. And people who report to the CIO have to have goals.”

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