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chart of locations featured in the UC IT Blog for the past six months

By Tom Andriola.

Last month marked five years since we started publishing the UC IT Blog. In that time, the blog has evolved to become what I call “the story of us” – 8000 IT professionals serving the University of California mission every day through the use of technology.

The blog lets us feature common or shareable uses of IT across UC. It’s also where we can talk about innovation and how technology touches the lives of students, helps us in the treatment of patients, and plays an important part in research discovery.

Maybe what’s most amazing about the blog is how these stories are developed. They are YOUR stories – your experiences, your words, your voice. And, it is an amazing voice.

Those collective voices are making a difference in so many ways. They are building a renewed and more collaborative UC culture. It started in IT, but I see its influence as it touches others in the university. It is opening people’s minds to new ways of working and thinking about what is possible. This means your voice is having impact throughout UC, and beyond.

We are getting more followers from outside UC, interested in what we’re doing, how we’re innovating, and how we’re getting our autonomous campuses and medical centers to come together more and in more meaningful ways.

In honor of our ‘Blogiversary,’ we are holding two contests. The winner of each contest will get a $75 Amazon gift card. The deadline to enter is May 15.

  • New subscribers: The first contest is to see who can get the most new blog subscribers. To enter, get permission from your co-workers to sign them up for the UC IT Blog. Then send your list of UC subscribers and their email addresses to Jeané Blunt. (People already subscribed won’t be counted.)
  • More articles: The second contest is to see who can get the most commitments to write articles. To enter, submit ideas and the name of the person who has agreed to write it (including yourself!) to Jeané Blunt.

If writing is not your strong suit, don’t worry – our blog editor Yvonne Tevis will work with you to put together a blog-worthy story. Writing a blog article is a great opportunity to highlight your team’s work, and it will make a great addition to your portfolio.

So take a moment to reflect and celebrate. Be proud of what we have accomplished. Pat yourself on the back for the blog article you did last year. If you didn’t, what story are YOU coming forward with in 2019? We look forward to hearing it. The university, higher education colleagues, health care peers –and the world – are waiting.

photo of Tom AndriolaTom Andriola is chief information officer of University of California.

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