Join us: Learn how to apply for the UC Tech Awards Program at an info session on April 27

By Laurel Skurko. Are you considering applying or nominating someone for the UC Tech Awards this year? Join one of the information sessions with the program manager at the UC Office of the President to learn how to submit your application/nomination. To learn more and apply now, please visit the UC Tech Awards Program Background Information & Application Form.

The following sessions are available to assist you with the application process.

UC Tech Awards Program applications & nominations webinar dates and times

  1. Thursday, April 27, 8:30-9:15 a.m. [Zoom link]
    Host: UC Office of the President
  2. Info Session Powerpoint Deck

Information to help prepare your application

Please use this template/form to apply. It also includes all elibility information, awards criteria and other tips to help you shape a 1.5 page narrative.


  1. Individuals or teams, including those who were equally involved in large projects.
  2. Staff and faculty employed by the University of California.
  3. Technology-centered functions, including technology, research, academic, and business support units.
  4. Those working in cross-location and cross-functional teams are encouraged to participate or nominate their colleagues.
  5. Project must have been operational in the last 3 years

UC Tech Annual Awards Categories

The UC Tech Award program recognizes individuals and teams whose work in tech is transforming the organization. It represents an expansion of the UC Tech Sautter Awards program, which has been celebrating innovation and excellence in IT at the University of California since 2001. Today, there are 7 awards categories:

  1. DEI Leadership
  2. Design
  3. Innovation
  4. IT Security
  5. Operational Excellence
  6. Sustained Impact
  7. UC-Wide Collaboration

Selection Criteria

The IT Leadership Council selection committee (5 members of the IT Leadership Council whose members rotate on an annual basis) assesses submissions along the following criteria:

1. Complexity – How complex was/were the problem(s) addressed?
2. Impact – How impactful was the work – number of individuals impacted, and/or depth of impact?
3. Mission alignment – Does the work advance the university’s mission or key values of access, affordability, and excellence

Application Instructions

The deadline for submission of applications is Monday, May 8, 2023, by 5:00 p.m. Use one form per application.

The information you will need to apply/nominate a colleague:

  1. Name, title, and email of the person submitting the application/recommendation.
  2. Name of individual or team being proposed for an award (Please limit team names to 60 characters)
  3. A descriptive narrative about the person or team – explaining their eligibility based on the criteria for that award (up to 2 pages – 1,000 words) and includes:
    1. Describe the initiative(s) or portfolio of work that support the nomination.
    2. How they meet selection criteria (complexity, impact, and mission-alignment)
    3. How their success is measured/quantified
    4. The time during which the work was done.
  4. Both a 60-word limit elevator pitch, and 250-word summary to post in the UC IT blog.)

Benefits of participation

  1. The process is easy and quick. In 2022, approximately 20% of all applicants were winners of a UC Tech Award.
  2. ALL applications will be read by the 5-member Selection Committee (5 CIO’s who are selected each year on a rotating basis).
  3. ALL applications will be posted as blogs by the UC IT Blog editors (and with your permission).
  4. Up to one Golden Award and one Silver Award are awarded for each award category.
  5. Awards ceremony – 800 attended/watched the ceremony live in 2022. 
  6. Press – Publication in a UC-wide press release, published by UCNet News and the UC IT Blog, with over 200K media impressions in 2022. 
  7. Social media visibility – The UC Tech Awards had an estimated 5,000 impressions on Twitter alone in 2022. 
  8. Professional photography – Participants receive a professional photo commemorating the event and a certificate made for the occasion 
  9. Video recording – A video recording of the awards ceremony is posted online. 

Background on the UC Tech Awards Program

The UC Tech Awards program, founded in 2001, celebrates UC employees’ achievements in designing, implementing or managing high-impact technology initiatives that drive digital transformation. It promotes increased engagement in the UC Tech community by recognizing the technology contributions of university faculty and staff across a range of roles, including IT, research, academia and business. Explore the 2022 UC Tech Awards Program winners


  • May 8, 2023: Awards applications due at 5:00 p.m. 
  • ~June 15, 2023:  Winners are notified privately via email, IT Leadership Council Selection Committee names are shared/posted. 
  • July 18, 2023: Evening awards presentation at UC Tech Conference, where award winners are announced, and certificates issued. 
  • July 18, 2023: Press release issued, with follow-up news updates in UCNet and UCIT Blog news.
Calendar with upcoming UC Tech Awards dates


Contact: UC Tech Awards Program Manager: Laurel Skurko at


Laurel Skurko, Marketing & Communications, IT Services, UC Office of the President
Laurel Skurko
Marketing & Communications
UC Office of the President

[Cover image alttext: UC Tech Awards Application – open to all UC staff and faculty: share accomplishments about using tech to make a positive change, impacting the mission. One Golden and Silver award for each category to be awarded on July 18. Apply now by May 8. Learn how to apply at an info session on April 21 or April 27. 7 Awards categories: DEI Leadership, Design, Innovation (Sautter), IT Security, Operational Excellence (Aminin), Sustained Impact, UC-Wide Collaboration (Tevis)]