Luminaries at a Tech Conference

August 28, 2014
San Francisco

Hilary Clinton at the Nexenta OpenSDx Summit in San FranciscoI attended the Nexenta OpenSDx Summit in San Francisco where President Napolitano was a featured speaker. She emphasized the importance of basic research and higher education’s significant contributions to basic research.  She also talked about UC’s strong track record in access, innovation, and placement in national university rankings. Later in the day, I participated in a panel discussing trends in cloud computing, mobility, and end-user empowerment. The conference highlights were a keynote speech from Hillary Clinton and a presentation from Gunther Dissertori, the lead physicist at CERN (home of the Large Hadron Collider) in Switzerland.  See my tweets from the day, @Andriola_UC, plus the picture of Nexenta CEO presenting Mrs. Clinton with a pair of orange Converse sneakers.

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