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ucm_day_2_high_res_files-14A lot has been going on in the IT sphere at UC. Here’s a quick update to keep you in the know. Also, I list a few events you should attend yourself.
Oracle Day. On May 6, we held an Oracle-UC Day. Twelve UC locations were represented. I’ll provide more detail soon in the Calendar Highlights.
Community College Transfer Initiative. The final report on the President’s Community College Transfer Initiative was presented to the Regents Technology enablement is an important part of the recommendations. IT participation is expected from several locations, leveraging both current best practices and building enabling new applications.
IT Collaboration. The IT leadership Council met in Oakland mid May to discuss collaboration across the system, including developing a Big Data Cyberinfrastructure and organizing a research computing summit in the fall. The meeting agenda is posted on SharePoint.
Med Center Collaboration. The five UC medical centers share 12 million medical records and are starting to collaborate on combining patient record information and genetic sequencing. They also are discussing opportunities for IT shared services.
Student Information Systems. Two campuses are preparing for major student system replacement projects – UC Irvine and UC Berkeley.
UCPath Future. The 100 UCPath future state process designs (FSPD) are complete, with the final set approved this week by the UCPath Steering Committee. The next step is a three-week review of the functional solution designs, showing how each of the 100 FSPDs will look in the PeopleSoft environment. The focus of the review will be on bringing UCPath live for UCOP.

Things for you to do:
• Join the upcoming ITS webinars or schedule time to hear the recordings later.
• Talk to your manager about attending the UC Computing Services Conference (UCCSC) in August in San Francisco.
• Attend at the ITS Town Hall on Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. in the Elihu Harris State Building. As an experiment, we’re web streamlining the session. So if you can’t attend in person, go to this webstream link to join via the web.

I invite all of you to use the CIO blog and follow me on Twitter. Feel free to share these links with others in broader UC IT community. The more we share, the more connections we make.

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  1. Candace Jones

    Very cool about the webstreaming. This seems to work really well for the Regents meeting so I think its a great option. Leveraging UCSF is very consistent with the idea of working with campuses who are already doing something well.


    1. Tom A

      I agree. Over time I want to move our IT community to much more in the mWorld and use the technologies we are so often trying to get the University to adopt. We need to think about leading the way rather than lagging


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