Message for September

In my travels around the UC system and outside California, many conversations lead to the topic of significant changes happening in higher education, research, and healthcare. I consider the role our IT teams across the system play in support of the UC mission, and I see positive impact. But as a former business and transformation leader, I also see opportunities for us to do much more, especially when you consider the major role technology plays in how our industries are being redefined.

So how can we do more as an IT community?

  • By understanding the pressing needs of our customers. We are good at that.
  • By understanding the new, best, innovative practices in your area, both inside and outside UC, and sharing those examples with our customers. We should do more of that.
  • By being collaborative with our IT colleagues across the system, when it means we can leverage something that has already been done and use it to get to value more quickly. We don’t do nearly enough of this.
  • And finally, by using our collective talent, experience, and ambition to build a repository of skills, knowledge, and digital assets so we can create value more quickly and in ways we haven’t done before. Everyone should think about that.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your ideas about how we can organize and collaborate to better support and shape how UC benefits from change. Either respond to this blog post or email me directly. How we adapt to the future depends on all of us, not just those at the top. The University’s leadership needs your input.

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