New UC IT Leadership Program

When I was a graduate student, I convinced my department chair to let me do an independent study for my last semester, and I spent six months researching leadership and change management. That experience shaped my thought process about the role of leadership in organizations. Even today, it influences how I think about using technology to advance the UC mission.

As I discuss our greatest challenges across UC with campus and healthcare leaders, it is apparent that the only way to make IT more strategic to the UC mission is to invest in IT leadership capabilities. To that end, a few CIOs and I have partnered with the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley to develop a program focused on IT leadership development.

The program consists of two 3-day sessions, the first taking place August 31 – September 2, and the second, December 8 – 10. The curriculum covers strategic leadership, collaboration, and innovation across our enterprise, focusing on the competencies IT leaders most need to engage our organizations in change.

Our plan is to develop a cohort of emerging IT leaders each year from across the system and give them the opportunity to

  • receive the best content in strategic leadership, innovation, and change management,
  • interact with peers from across the system and build the relationships necessary for collaboration, and
  • prepare them to guide us through the challenges and opportunities ahead.

The knowledge and networks that will come from this program can transform the role of IT across the university.

Eligible candidates demonstrate a strong performance and leadership record, want to support collaboration across locations, and are one or two levels from a CIO position. Are you interested? As a first step, send me a short paragraph about your background, leadership experience, and interest in the program. Fiat Lux!

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