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By Thomas Trappler. UC Procurement is pleased to announce a new UC wide agreement with Zoom that expands on the previous agreement for meeting products (audio, web, video, etc.), and adds the cloud VoIP product and Zoom phone.

This outcome is the result of the ongoing successful partnership between UC Procurement Services, the UC IT Strategic Sourcing Committee (ITSC), the Communications Planning Group (CPG), and UC Health.

Benefits to UC
As a result of UC locations working together, the following benefits were achieved: 

  • $7.3M in projected financial benefit UC wide during the initial term 
  • Addition of Zoom phone products at a very significant discount
  • Five-year initial agreement term with five annual renewal options at UC’s discretion
  • Extension of legacy agreement product pricing through November 2026, then price increases capped increases through 2031 
  • Addition of clarifying language regarding eligible educational scope of use
  • New telehealth use pricing fixed at current price through 6/30/24, then capped increases through 2031
  • Updated terms and conditions aligned with UC’s needs and compliant with policy and the law, including UC Appendix DS, Appendix BAA and GDPR

The Team
This agreement and associated benefits resulted from the dedication and hard work of David Wilson (UCB), Mark Redican, Sophon Im, Britany Duyanovich (UCD), Bjorn Juslin, Tyler Turley (UCI), Travis Upton, Constance Jordan, Soren Claudi Bondesen (UCLA), Sean Pamer, Al Espinoza (UCM), Karen Cunningham (UCR), Chris Rosenstock (UCSB), Matt McKenna (UCSC), Veronica Garcia, James Seddon (UCSD), Ian Gwin, Joanne Petersen (UCSF),  Richard Gregory (LBNL),  Randy Kemish (UCOP), John Arbolino Jr, Hillary Kalay (UCH), Neil Kronenthal, Mathew Linzer, Judy Thai, and Roshni Pratap (UCOP).

More Information
If you have questions, please contact me at Thomas Trappler or your local Strategic Sourcing team member. 

photo of Thomas Trappler

Thomas Trappler is associate director, IT Strategic Sourcing, UC Procurement, UC Office of the President.

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