New UC Zoom Agreement for Video, Web, and Audio Conferencing

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Posted by Thomas Trappler, sr. IT commodity manager, UCOP. Have you been searching for the perfect tool to communicate and collaborate with geographically dispersed colleagues? The new UC wide Zoom agreement has just what you need.

What is Zoom?

Zoom Education is a best-in-class online communication and collaboration tool that provides video conferencing, web conferencing, and audio conferencing (both device-based and phone), all with an intuitive and easy-to-use user-interface. The Zoom website has more detail.

What’s the background?

  • Multiple communication and collaboration tools are in use throughout the UC system – it is time-consuming and inefficient to learn how to use them all.
  • The expiration of the UC ReadyTalk agreement presented an opportunity for UC to identify a new and improved approach to how we communicate and collaborate.
  • The IT Center of Excellence (COE) Procurement Services convened a UC wide team of key stakeholders and SMEs that researched and evaluated options, and recommended conducting an RFP process to identify a single audio, web, and video conferencing service to fulfill UC’s current and future needs.

What are UC experts saying about Zoom?

  • “Since bringing Zoom to UCLA, we’ve had a tremendous response from our faculty praising Zoom’s ease of use.” – Nick Thompson, CCLE Coordinator, UCLA
  • “Zoom will make a huge difference in communication and collaboration across the campuses.” – Jim Phillips, Director Learning Technologies, UCSC

What does Zoom cost?

  • UC’s price for Zoom Education reflects an 89% discount off Zoom’s standard educational price, and provides for unlimited video, web, and audio (toll and device) conferencing. For UC locations that elect to solely deploy Zoom at the department level, the minimum purchase per participating department is: Initial Purchase = 20 licenses; Ongoing Purchases = 10 licenses.
  • All other Zoom conferencing services are available at 50% off. This includes Room Connector, Zoom Rooms, Zoom Webinar, and Meeting Capacity Add-On.

What does the UC Zoom agreement include?

The UC Zoom agreement includes the UC Appendix Data Security and Privacy, UC Appendix Business Associate, and UC Terms and Conditions of Purchase. This means that Zoom may be used for the broadest possible range of UC use cases. As always, check with the appropriate local authority (information security officer, data proprietor, campus counsel, etc.) for guidance regarding specific local use cases.

How do I get Zoom?

Contact the Zoom deployment coordinator at your location:

For additional information regarding the new UC wide Zoom agreement, please contact Thomas Trappler.

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    Does the existing UCLA Enterprise License allow Webinars? Thanks.


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