Recording Available for “The First Woman Man” Webinar

A scaled down version of a male dummy that represents only the smallest 5% of women by the standards of the mid-1970s - so small that it can work double-duty as a 12 or 13 year old child.

UC Merced CIO Ann Kovalchick presented the webinar, “The First Woman Man: Gender Labels and Workplace Expectations,” to an audience of over 200 on November 20.

The newly formed UC Women in Tech Committee hosted the webinar and was honored that Kovalchick kicked off its first webinar.

Kovalchick presented a stunning array of facts, figures, and vignettes to expose the structural challenges for women in the workplace. Here is just a sampling:

  • Women earn 80-85% of what men earn.
  • Women have a 73% greater chance than men of being severely injured in a car crash.
  • Women volunteer at much higher rates than men for “office housework.”

Watch the recording to learn more…including Kovalchick’s recommendations for what both women and men can do to push back on the structural barriers women face. The slide deck provides a bibliography of resources at the end.

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