Sautter IT Innovation Award Program: Now Accepting Applications

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Calling all UC IT professionals! Now is the time to get recognition for your work. How? Submit an application for the 2021 Sautter Awards for Innovation in Information Technology. Applications are due May 21, 2021.

What Is the Award?
This annual award program is sponsored by the UC IT Leadership Council (ITLC). The awards recognize technology projects that demonstrate ITLC priorities, including innovation, collaboration, and operational efficiency, and that advance UC’s teaching, research, health care, and public service missions. The awards are given to teams, including multi-campus teams, and recognize a specific project.

How Do You Submit an Application?

Read through program description to understand the selection criteria and the information you need to include in the application. A compelling application tells the story about why the work you did has value for the institution. You can listen to a recording about how to write a Sautter application.

To apply, compose your story with all the requested information in a Word document or accessible PDF, and submit it via the Sautter Award Submission Form. If you have questions or want advice, contact Yvonne Tevis, (510) 987-0638.

Who Can Apply?
The program is open to faculty and staff from all UC campuses and health systems, the Office of the President, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Hastings College of the Law, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Teams that have implemented an innovative IT project at UC in the last three years may submit an award.

What Projects Are Eligible?
The full gamut of IT work may be considered. Award-winning projects in 2020 included

  • A UCSD program utilizing COVID testing at mass scale and student electronic health records with the goal of enabling the safe return to some level of in-person activity in the fall
  • A systemwide interactive, web-based application that facilitates the reporting and tracking of faculty outside professional activities
  • A UCI initiative that provides staff with incentives and an organizational structure for experimenting with new ideas and technologies

Review the prior awards and applications to get a sense of the range of projects submitted.

When Are Awards Announced?
The Sautter Award Program presents up to three Golden Awards, two Silver Awards and five honorable mentions. Award recipients are announced at the annual UC Tech Conference. The conference this year is scheduled for August 9-11, 2021 at UCLA.

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