Spotlight: UCR’s Israel Fletes Brings the Tech to Learning

Posted by Susan Shen, UCB Intern, UCOP. High school programming projects inspired a passion for computing and technology in Israel Fletes. A Calexico native, he attended UCR, graduating with a degree in business economics in 1989. After a short-lived absence, he took a job on campus and has been there ever since.

Fletes started off in the multimedia department, eventually becoming Director of Educational Technology and Computing Services. He and his team provide instructional technology support to faculty, staff, and students, ranging from learning management to digital multimedia. He also oversees campus web support, collaboration systems, and technical helpdesks.

Fletes said that over the last ten years, instructional technology has seen a lot of changes: Classroom support has been standardized and condensed into a suite of technology services catering specifically to the faculty. The network enables remote IT support for the UCR community, so if faculty members run into technical difficulties, they can immediately call for help. Students can go to the computer labs to check out any of the 120 laptops available. These laptops are equipped with a comprehensive collection of applications, which students can use to wirelessly print their homework and access a virtual lab. And the virtual lab houses more specialized applications that can be used for scientific research.

What is the most enjoyable part about being at UCR? “It’s full of people who really believe in this university,” he said. “It’s a great work environment.”

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