Tell Us Your UC wide IT Needs – Participate by 11/30/16

By Suzanne Stinson, Manager, UCLA Software Central; Gabe Youtsey, CIO, Agriculture and Natural Resources.  We want to hear your voice on technology products and services needed at your location to support the work and learning of faculty, staff, and students. UC IT and Procurement leaders are working in collaborative teams to prioritize and negotiate UC wide technology contracts for IT products and services. Negotiating UC wide for technology products and services provides better pricing, more security, privacy, and accessibility protections, and greater access across the UC system.

To share input from the UC community about priorities, we will use the UC’s ideation platform, UC Next. Here’s how to submit an IT product or service for voting:

  1. Login to Use your campus login if possible.
  2. Vote on an existing idea for an IT product or service (indicate your support, whether you would participate, or both) OR
  3. Propose a new idea for an IT product or service and watch the votes come in! For example, check out the SLACK idea. Products and services both count as ideas.
  4. In the comments section, please provide the URL for the product webpage, tell us what you like about this product and why you think this product or service would benefit UC.

Enter as many new ideas as you like, and be sure to look through the list for other ideas to support and/or participate in. The most supported products submitted by 11/30/16 will be included in the prioritization for UC wide contracts by the UC IT Sourcing Committee, a collaborative group of UC IT and Procurement leaders across the system. The results will be shared with the community via the UC IT blog, so please go here to subscribe if you have not done so

Please share this survey widely with those that you think may have ideas for products or services and remember to submit your ideas and vote by 11/30/16. Please check back with UC Next often during the voting period to support Ideas others have submitted and feel free to add comments on all ideas.

Help us help you by participating in this endeavor! Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Suzanne Stinson, Chair, UC Software Services Group (

Gabe Youtsey, Chair, UC IT Sourcing Committee (

Photo provided by League of Women Voters via flickr.

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