The Story of Us – You Can Write for the UC IT Blog

Breakdown of contributors to the UC IT Blog

At UC, all kinds of interesting even incredible work happens in IT. We feature it in this blog – and readers provide many of the stories. That’s why we call this blog “the story of us.”

If you or your team are doing something interesting, contributing to the blog is a great way share it, not just with the folks in the next building or across campus, but across the entire UC system.

What You Can Submit

You can write articles, produce videos, host a podcast. Be creative!

And topics run the gamut in IT:

  • great projects, collaborative work, new processes
  • events, award ceremonies, staff activities
  • cool faculty and grad student research

If you are interested, email Jeané Blunt and she’ll help you think through your topic and even polish the final piece. Do you still need reasons?

Five Reasons to Contribute

  1. Improve your storytelling.
  2. Get a byline.
  3. Shine the limelight.
  4. Connect with UC experts.
  5. Be part of the community.

Let’s hear your story.


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