They’re Winners! But Keep Floppy from Your Smartphone

By Ahna Heller. The UC Davis duo Floppy and Cow did a star turn in January: A nationwide higher ed tech communications group judged them to be stellar examples of short promotional videos about college tech and security.

The Association of Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Services, or SIGUCCS, gave two Awards of Excellence to Floppy and Cow videos (“a runner-up level below ‘Best of Category’ but only awarded to the very deserving”) in the category of Short Promotional Video. The awards went to:

The campus duo has starred in six short videos created by the Information & Educational Technology communications team at UC Davis. In the latest video, posted in January, the eerily wise and patient Cow explains to friendly—but astonishingly tech-inept—Floppy how using Duo could help Floppy avoid further misadventures with hackers. The video coincided with the campus project to enroll students in Duo at the beginning of the year.

Regarding KB Khronicles, the judge said, “This video is quick, amusing, and gets the point across quickly! It works really well, even with a low production budget (which I’m familiar with as well, I’ve had to use stuffed animals as stand-ins during training videos myself) – and getting the point across quickly is always a plus.”

Ahna Heller, communications analyst, Information & Educational Technology, UC Davis.Ahna Heller is in Communications, Information & Educational Technology, UC Davis.

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  1. Dean Bunn

    Love me some Floppy and Cow


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