UC Contracts for Cloud Services

Posted by Brett Pollack, Director, Workplace Technology Services, UCSD. Services in the cloud are so compelling. A few clicks, and they’re yours.

But for UC employees, it isn’t always that easy. We have to think about data privacy and ownership, information security, liability, indemnity… What does it mean for UC when you click, “Accept?”

Nevertheless, the reality is people are demanding services like Box, Microsoft Office 365, and Google Apps. They offer the latest functionality and provide efficient ways to store data, access files, and develop and host applications.

Because of this exploding demand, the Cloud Services Work Group, co-chaired by Agriculture and Natural Resources CIO Gabe Youtsey and Procurement Services Associate Director Dianne Yoder, has been taking steps to ensure UC personnel have access to some of the most in-demand cloud services under terms that meet UC requirements for security, privacy and liability.

For a list of systemwide cloud services contracts, visit the new Cloud Services at UC website. Campuses may leverage these contracts and deploy the services locally.

By using a UC-authorized cloud service provider you can feel assured that you will:

  • Keep data safe and secure, protecting it from unauthorized third party access
  • Meet federal and state regulations about storing/managing sensitive data
  • Reduce risk and liability for the university in the event of a data breach
  • Access additional features and storage space

The contracts UC has access to may be developed through UC participation in higher education consortia (e.g., Internet2 Net+, CENIC, etc.), through internal UC-specific negotiations, or a combination of both. Contracts appropriately reflect and align with UC policy and UC campus/medical center needs as expressed via the Information Technology Leadership Council.

For more information, contact Brett Pollak.

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