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By Michael Wegmann.  UC IT Strategic Sourcing established a UC systemwide agreement in 2015 for Tableau business intelligence software used for data analytics and data visualizations. Systemwide use of Tableau grew since that time by over 46%.

This high demand across UC for Tableau led UC IT Strategic Sourcing to collaborate with UCSF and leverage an RFP for business intelligence software that the campus had recently conducted. As a result, UC IT Strategic Sourcing was able to negotiate an extension and expansion of the existing systemwide agreement that resulted in enhanced benefits for UC Tableau users, as follows:

  • The previous UC wide discount was doubled:
    • UC now receives a 20% discount above the standard education discount on Desktop Professional, Server Interactor, or Server Core purchases by any UC Location through 12/31/2018.
    • The discount was expanded to subscription license purchases in addition to perpetual licenses. Subscriptions have a lower initial price, cost more over time and stop working if not renewed. Perpetual licenses cost more up-front, less over time, and never expire.
    • Annual maintenance and support fees on perpetual licenses are calculated at 25% of the discounted price. Year two maintenance and support fees are capped at the year one price, with no increase allowed.
    • No minimum purchase volume is required to receive these discounts.
  • The previous agreement was converted to a competitively bid agreement, which means there is no need for sole source justifications for UC to purchase Tableau going forward.
  • Systemwide savings of $248,475 are projected, based on the previous contract negotiated pricing.

If you have questions about the Tableau agreement, please contact: Michael Wegmann (michael.wegmann@ucop.edu) or your local Strategic Sourcing team member.


Michael Wegmann is senior commodity manager, IT Strategic Sourcing, UC Procurement Services, UC Office of the President.


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