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By Thomas Trappler. Since 2014, the UC wide agreement with Microsoft (2018.000231) has made Microsoft’s Azure products available for use under terms and conditions aligned with UC’s needs, policy, and the law.

Effective July 1, 2020, as a result of negotiations, UC receives an additional discount off standard Azure pricing. This discount is the result of the ongoing successful partnership between the UC IT community and UC Procurement Services.

What Is Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a suite of cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) products, identified as one of only three “Leaders” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services.

What Are the Agreement Details?

  • Three-year discount term, effective July 1, 2020
  • Available to all UC locations
  • At least $335,000/year in projected financial benefit systemwide

What Is the Discount? How Do I Get It?

Please contact your local Azure coordinator, listed below, to learn

  • how to configure your Microsoft Azure account to obtain these discounts, and
  • the amount of the discount available.

UC Azure Coordinators

UC Berkeley bisbelle@berkeley.edu
UC Davis iet-cloud-services@ucdavis.edu
UC Davis-Health UCDH-ITArchitecture@ucdavis.edu
UC Davis-School of Medicine UCDH-ITArchitecture@ucdavis.edu
UC Hastings pacholuk@uchastings.edu
UC Irvine azure-coordinator@uci.edu
UC Irvine-Health ndchelp@hs.uci.edu
UC Los Angeles help@it.ucla.edu
UC Los Angeles-Health hanguiano@mednet.ucla.edu
UC Los Angeles-School of Medicine mshane@mednet.ucla.edu
UC Merced helpdesk@ucmerced.edu
UC Riverside cloud-services@ucr.edu
UC San Diego cloud@ucsd.edu
UC San Francisco cloud@ucsf.edu
UC Santa Barbara info@cloud.ucsb.edu
UC Santa Cruz cloud-team-group@ucsc.edu
Agriculture & Natural Resources jonwilson@ucanr.edu
Office of the President cloud@ucop.edu


Who Obtained this Discount for UC?

This discount and associated benefits result from the dedication and hard work of the Azure Coordinators at each UC location, as well as Mark Cianca (UCOP), Vince Kellen (UCSD), Michael Kilpatrick (UCOP), and Thomas Trappler (UCOP).

photo of Thomas TrapplerThomas Trappler is associate director, IT Strategic Sourcing, UC Procurement Services, UC Office of the President.

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