UC Gets Systemwide Agreement for Gradescope Online Grading System

By Roshni Pratap.

A new systemwide agreement is in place for Gradescope, effective April 2, 2019.

What is Gradescope?

Gradescope is a market leader in the digital grading space designed to make grading more consistent, fair, and efficient. Gradescope makes it easier for instructors to quickly grade assignments and view detailed analytics for overall assignments as well as for specific questions further enabling students to receive prompt and more meaningful feedback on their work. With Gradescope, instructors can identify specific knowledge gaps with ease and develop targeted remediation for students.

What are the benefits of the systemwide agreement?

  • Aggregate UC wide volume discount tiers established via an initial “open enrollment” window that ends July 31, 2019. Contact UC’s Account Manager if your location is interested (see contact information below).
  • Additional discounts for multi-year commitments:
    • 5% discount for locations committing to 3 years
    • 10% discount for locations committing to 5 years
  • Security terms compliant with the law and UC policy, reviewed and endorsed by UC security experts
  • A free trial license for a limited number of faculty for a minimum of one academic term to evaluate the services prior to making a purchase
  • Recognizing close working ties with UC, the agreement additionally includes
    • implementation, integration, and initial training
    • development of customized data export and real-time feed of events

How can I get a copy of the new UC -wide Gradescope agreement?

The new UC-wide Gradescope agreement is posted in CalUsource.  Search for Agreement #2019.001004 under the supplier name Turnitin,LLC.

How can my campus sign up for Gradescope?

Contact UC’s Account Manager Arjun Singh.

What’s the background?

Establishing a systemwide agreement for an online grading solution was proposed by the UC Educational Technology Leadership Committee and subsequently identified as a priority by the UC IT Sourcing Committee. A dedicated team of subject matter experts and procurement specialists from around the university made this agreement possible:  Briandy Walden (UCI), Dan Suchy (UCSD), Erin Sanders (UCLA), James Williamson (UCLA), Jim Philips (UCSC), Kelsey Layos (UCI), Mathew Linzer (UCOP), Mike Wood (UCOP), Neil Kronenthal (UCOP), Oliver Heyer (UCB), Samantha Eastman (UCR), Sean Beld (UCOP), Todd Van Zandt (UCD), Yvonne Tevis (UCOP), and Roshni Pratap (UCOP).

If you have questions about acquiring Gradescope, please contact Roshni Pratap or your local Strategic Sourcing team member.

Roshni Pratap - IT commodity manager, IT Strategic Sourcing, UC Procurement Services.Roshni Pratap is IT commodity manager, IT Strategic Sourcing, UC Procurement Services.

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