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By Jeané Blunt. For over 150 years, UC has expanded the horizons of what we know about ourselves and our world. The University’s prestige is based in large part on the exceptional research conducted by UC researchers in every discipline.

Here are a few articles from external publications that highlight groundbreaking work in the technology field at UC:

 Ramesh Srinivasan Urges Innovators to Look Beyond the Valley
UCLA Professor Ramesh Srinivasan notes that the rules of the internet have been set by executives in relatively few places in the world, such as Silicon Valley and China. Although the companies they lead provide excellent service, it is limiting, and these companies want our data, but not our input. Professor Srinivasan believes we need to think beyond Silicon Valley. Peter High, Forbes contributor, sat down with Professor Srinivasan to discuss his book, Beyond the Valley,  which High named as one of his Top Ten Technology Books of 2019. Read the article, “Author Ramesh Srinivasan Urges Innovators to Look Beyond Silicon Valley” in Forbes.

The Internet Is Convenient, but Is It Accessible?
Since the 1990s the Internet has been touted as a place of progress. More people are online than ever and the web is increasingly open. But the Internet still has a long way to go on the road to becoming fully accessible. UC Berkeley’s own “web accessibility evangelist,” Lucy Greco, spoke to Wired magazine about website accessibility, the progress in recent years, and how far we still have to go. Read the article, “The Internet Is for Everyone, Right? Not with a Screen Reader” in Wired Magazine.

Crowdsourcing Meets Medicine
Crowd-diagnosis is when people seek out medical diagnoses using social media. Researchers say it has increased dramatically over the past year and it seems to be replacing visits to physicians to receive proper care. At a time when STDs are at an all-time high and visits to clinics have risen, this is a worrying trend. Christopher Longhurst, MD, UC San Diego Health, co-authored a study titled Requests for Diagnoses of Sexually Transmitted Diseases on a Social Media Platform. Read the article, “People are turning to ‘Dr. Google,’ Reddit for help on medical diagnoses – even for STDs” in CNBC.

Jeané Blunt is IT communications and UC FCC licensing coordinator at UC Office of the President.Jeané Blunt is IT communications and UC FCC licensing coordinator, Information Technology Services, UC Office of the President.


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