UC IT Innovation Awards Presented by Cisco

Tom Andriola, UC CIO, poses with a team from UCSD while presenting them with their UC IT Innovation Award - presented by Cisco & ePlus.

At the recent Cisco Live event in San Diego, ePlus and Cisco hosted a customer appreciation event exclusively for UC staff. They also gave UC IT Innovation Awards to UC teams who have used Cisco technology in innovative ways. UC System CIO Tom Andriola presented the awards:

UC Merced

Al Espinoza and Keith Hughes were recognized for their strategic vision and tactical excellence in support of UC Merced. The UC Merced campus is expanding exponentially in a short period of time. Al and his team stepped up with a totally redesigned network to support the mission of the institution.

UCSD Health

Christopher Longhurst, Derek Dutt, and Dale Keehan took home the award for UCSD Health. UCSD Health has been moving to a zero trust model for their enterprise data network. They now have a much more secure enterprise network posture while at the same time requiring fewer resources to manage the environment.

UCLA School of Medicine

Adrian Finemel, Rey Ganeia, Joel Wolmer, Peter Bernardo, and Stanley Chua were recognized not only for their willingness to be involved in the field trials, but also their willingness to serve as a reference for ACI. They were also one of the first SDR deployments across the UC and one of the first tetration deployments in UC.

UCLA Health

Bill Lazarus, Sergio Gallegos, Ichen Lee, Matt Scruggs, and Hector Anguiano were recognized for their work in IT security. UCLA Health was added to a very special program for early shipments of the Intel Chips and they were able to shave three months off the timeline for the Epic rollout. Ichen Lee has led the UC evolution of ACI to support the changing mix of on-prem and cloud workloads.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to ePlus reps John Karle, Chris McCahill and Ron Howard for your involvement!

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