UC San Diego Goes Live with a Student Success Analytics Platform

students studying on UCSD's campus

SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) announced the successful rollout of the SAP Student Activity Hub solution through a partnership with the University of California, San Diego, combining student demographic, course and learning data into one central platform.

Access across the enterprise to analytical dashboards has quickly transformed UC San Diego into an organization that can make data-driven decisions.

“As universities continue to grapple with increased competition and significantly higher expectations from students and faculty, it’s more important than ever for these institutions to become intelligent enterprises and leverage data-driven insights,” said Malcolm Woodfield, global head of Higher Education and Research at SAP. “SAP enables this transformation with the SAP Student Activity Hub and SAP S/4HANA, which allow universities to operate more efficiently, with a better understanding of and support for the student experience.”

UC San Diego is implementing advanced management applications and solution capabilities to more effectively provide customer service to the student population.

According to UC San Diego CIO Vince Kellen, PhD: “The SAP Student Activity Hub will allow our university to tap into the power of SAP’s platform to analyze the student experience in real time and deliver a more personalized learning environment for those enrolled at UC San Diego. The ability to measure each student’s academic history and make individual predictions on their future engagement is a significant benefit to our classroom environment and allows our university to run smarter.”

UC San Diego is using the SAP platform for the reporting and analysis of all student data, from all sources, making it the single access point for a comprehensive real-time profile of each student. Capturing data from disparate sources across campus, the hub secures the data around the individual student experience, evolving and learning with the student and providing new opportunities to build personal profiles with real-time data. For example, it is being used in UC San Diego’s time-to-degree program to guide students to graduate in four years instead of five years or more. It is also being used to plan courses and degree programs by identifying usage trends. Additionally, faculty are using the insights into how students perform in their courses to improve engagement levels for future course offerings.

Working with key institutions such as UC San Diego and business partners, SAP is extending current capabilities to enable data-driven strategic decisions in all areas of university oversight and management, with a particular focus on student engagement from enrollment to management, as well as curriculum development. The long-term goal is to leverage expertise from across the industry to make higher education more affordable, more accessible and more relevant to students and to society at large.

This article originally appeared in SAP News Center, September 26, 2018 and is re-posted with permission in the UC IT Blog.

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