UC Tech Academy Cyber Leadership Program Panel discussion with Van Williams on October 26th, 12 pm: Register now

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Join the UC Tech community online to gain insights from UC Tech Academy Cyber Leadership Program, as program participants review their key takeaways regarding current cybersecurity challenges and solutions. Moderated by Van Williams, VP Information Technology and Chief Information Officer of the University of California, this panel includes Mary Morshed, UCSF, Pegah Parsi, UC San Diego, Troy Wright, UC Santa Cruz, and Frank Fimbrez, UC Merced.

During the panel discussion, you’ll have the opportunity to hear valuable perspectives on the program, the current cybersecurity challenges these panelists face in their roles, the new skills they’ve acquired, and their key takeaways from the  UC Tech Academy Cyber Leadership Program. 

Join us on Thursday, October 26, from 12- 1 p.m. We will be meeting via this Zoom Registration link.

Event Details

UC Tech Academy Cyber Leadership Program Panel Discussion with Van Williams
Thursday, October 26, 12- 1 p.m.
Host: UC Agriculture and Natural Resources
Panel: Moderator: Van Williams, other panelists will include: Mary Morshed, Pegah Parsi, Troy Wright, and Frank Fimbrez
Location: Zoom Registration Link
Audience: Open to all members of the UC tech community interested in cybersecurity
Contact: Cecilia Finney, Cecelia.Finney@ucop.edu

Learning objectives:

  1. Learn about current cybersecurity challenges and takeaways 
  2. Meet others who attended the series, online or in person
  3. Discuss how you might use what you learned in your work going forward

About  UC Tech Academy Cyber Leadership Program

The UC Tech Academy Cyber Leadership Program, a pioneering initiative at the University of California Information Technology Services, is transforming digital risk management. UC President Michael V. Drake, M.D., recognizes the program’s significance, providing advanced training to diverse UC leaders. Developed in partnership with UC Berkeley Executive Education, the program unites 40 UC system leaders, specializing in cybersecurity-related fields. For more information click here. 


Van Williams 
Chief Information Officer, Vice President, IT 
University of California


Mary Morshed
Director of Data Security Compliance

Pegah Parsi 
Chief Privacy Officer
UC San Diego

Troy Wright
Cybersecurity Program Manager
UC Santa Cruz

Frank Fimbrez 
Skilled Trades Superintendent, Facilities Management / Operations
UC Merced

Event Contact 

Cecelia Finney 
Manager, Systemwide Cyber Risk Awareness and Strategy
UC Office of the President