UCI’s Remote Work Is Powered by Electronic Document Workflows

By Lyle Wiedeman. Individually, the DocuSign and FileNet tools help UC Irvine manage electronic files. Together, they guide the powerful workflow of millions of documents with speed, precision access, and audit trails.

DocuSign is an electronic signature application that facilitates collecting acknowledgements and approvals, while FileNet is a rich content repository with flexible labeling, search, redaction, and access controls. At UCI, FileNet and DocuSign are being used by over 40 units with almost 2,800 licensees.

Manage Talent Acquisition

UCI’s Human Resources uses DocuSign and FileNet to manage talent acquisition. Applicants complete a form which generates a document for signature. DocuSign provides a “mailbox” for one’s documents, but only enables users to share rights to their entire mailbox By moving the document to FileNet, individual documents can be shared with reviewers, signers, and approvers. Moreover, DocuSign labels are generic. FileNet allows the file name to be stored with information within the document, such as applicant, department, date, or application status, which makes finding a particular document easy.

Manage Document Access

Keeping documents in FileNet also allows UCI staff to reduce the number of documents with restricted information that need to be stored on a local computer.

Another challenge departments face is when employees leave the university. Given privacy rules, departments are often challenged to recover information once owned by departed employees (especially in email). Departments storing DocuSign files in FileNet can set up access rights so the departure of one employee still allows continued access to those university documents by other authorized users.

Plug-in for Security

UCI’s Office of Information Technology has extended this functionality by developing a plug-in that uses Microsoft OneDrive’s API to allow FileNet to work with OneDrive. This enables FileNet users who want to share with others, internally or externally, via email. OneDrive recognizes external users and requires the use of a security token to open a document to maintain the security of the original.

Support for Remote Work

At a time when the COVID pandemic is restricting face-to-face access, the DocuSign and FileNet workflows provide valuable file management, allowing UCI employees to move documents throughout the university nimbly and securely.

If you would like more information about how UCI has implemented DocuSign and FileNet, please contact Linh Nguyen.

Lyle Wiedeman, technical communications lead, Office of Information Technology, UC Irvine.Lyle Wiedeman is technical communications lead, Office of Information Technology, UC Irvine.

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