Video: 2015 Sautter Award Gold Winner, SPARCM, what is it?

Photos of Sautter Award-winning team

Posted by Alexa Rivetti, UCB Student Intern, UCOP.  SPARCM is a sponsored-research billing system that creates a “one stop” for all post-award financial activities. Developed at UCSD, it is now also used at UCLA and UCD. SPARCM stands for Sponsored Projects Accounts Receivable and Cash Management System. The UC IT communications team met with members of the SPARCM team at UCCSC 2015.  Check out the below video to learn more!

 Some Facts:

  • Produces Over $21 Million of Invoices Monthly
  • Gains Efficiencies Campus-Wide
  • Increases Billing Accuracy and Timeliness
  • Fosters inter-Campus Communication
  • Accountability and Best Practices

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