Watch “Accessibility Is for Everyone” Recording

Accessibility is for Everyone!, 2021 Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Hosted by the UC Electronic Accessibility Committee, May 20, 2021

There was a big turnout for “Accessibility Is for Everyone,” the 2021 Global Accessibility Awareness Day webinar.

The webinar recording is now available. Watch six fast-paced sessions about things you can do to make UC’s online environment more welcoming and accessible to people with disabilities:

  1. Empathy: Why Accessibility Matters
  2. Simple Steps for Improving Accessibility
  3. Demystifying Captions in Less than 10 Minutes
  4. Legal Considerations for Electronic Accessibility
  5. Think before You Buy: Don’t Get Stuck with an Inaccessible Product
  6. Take Advantage of Free Online Courses

The webinar was sponsored by the UC Electronic Accessibility Committee (EAC), and presenters represented five UC locations. Nearly 500 people attended.

The EAC posted resources links from the webinar on its website, as well as responses to many of the questions that came in. If you have additional questions or want more information about accessibility initiatives at your location, reach out to your EAC member.

You can watch the recording on YouTube below.

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