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As the UC systemwide CIO,  I’m committed to building opportunities for IT staff across the university to collaborate, share best practices, and brainstorm. Well, I’m not just committed to it . . . I’m passionate about it.  With over 7000 IT professionals at UC, we have so much to contribute to the University and to each other. I’ve been writing blog entries and articles for about a year, and now I want to open the blog up as a forum for the whole  UC IT community – campuses, medical centers, UCOP, labs, central IT, local IT, and anyone out there who has something to contribute.

Here’s the deal: I’ll continue to provide you insight into IT initiatives, local innovations, activities of our systemwide groups, and what’s going on in IT from conferences and my meetings with peers from around the world. But in return, I want you to join the conversation. I want you to push me, and in doing so, you will push all of us and challenge us to go further.  Comment on an article, add your ideas. This is meant to be a place where you can ask questions or make comments unrelated to a specific blog message – and even anonymously. The point is for you to have a voice. Let’s use that voice to start a movement that gets 7000 people talking, sharing, and using IT to transform this University.  I see many of you do it every day, but the impact is primarily at your location alone. This platform is meant to let your voice (and impact) expand to the far boundaries of our University system.  To get started, watch my video message to you about collaboration. What’s your reaction?  I want to know.

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  1. Emily Deere

    Tom –

    Thank you for opening up this conversation with the IT communities on each of the campuses and across the UC system itself. Each of our campuses is also engaging our IT communities in many different ways and we appreciate you’re facilitation and support of the process. Looking forward to reading more and posting entries regarding UC San Diego’s vibrant IT community.

    Emily Deere

    1. Tom Andriola

      Emily – Thanks
      We need to find ways to link these communities together. AS you know my vision isn’t top down; it’s to build a web of 7000 IT professionals who know they can tap into our community to find the answer ot access the expert


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