Enhancing the Student Experience through Technology

September 24, 2014
San Francisco

President Napolitano hosted an event called UC eNGAGE on  technology’s evolving role impact on the student experience.  More than 250 UC participated from the academic, administration, and technology areas. The president kicked off a day of stimulating conversation (watch the video ), followed by expert speakers, panelists, and people describing the best-of-the-best innovations at UC.  UC Merced gave a stirring presentation on how they work in an integrated fashion across campus to focus on student success and retention, given their diverse student body with a high proportion of first-generation college students.  Other universities participated as well. For example, Arizona State talked about their initiative to collect robust data on the  student learning experience and described how they use data from their learning management and student information systems for predicting the probability of student success and the need for intervention.  All this points to the growing significance of IT in higher education. The UC Educational Technology Leadership Group (ETLG), a subcommittee of the UC IT Leadership Council, and is engaged in expanding IT’s role and presence in the educational sphere.

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