A follow up message on performance management cycle


I’ve been asked by managers to elaborate and provide more context to my blog entry and talk about the specific approach to performance management.

I am a strong proponent of performance management that is fair but, at the same time, differentiates above, meets, and below standard performance.  UC as a whole believes in this approach, however, it has been my view that we have not been applying the right amount of rigor to our process at ITS.

Therefore, HR and I are working with all managers and supervisors this year to strengthen the understanding of the performance management system and conduct a more thorough process with all employees.  This improved process will touch evaluation of performance and contribution, application of competencies for how work gets done, and the dialog for employee development.  All managers have been required to attend a refresher training and also had the opportunity to discuss how we expect the process to be conducted.  We will also be instituting a calibration review as part of our process to ensure we have visibility and discussion around an appropriate distribution around performance.

Granted, this will be different for everyone.  Some may even find it uncomfortable.  But any high performing organization should address performance in a professional way and have a process that provides for differentiation.  This is where UC is going, and what employees via the engagement survey have asked for.  IT is looking to lead the way rather than waiting for this cultural change to be thrust upon us.

I hope this helps people understand what we are looking for in the process.  As I have said, it takes work.  But this is what organizations do to ensure there is alignment to objectives and effective execution behind it.  It is also where we define the investment we need to make in people.  This is important, which is why it has my attention.  I thank you for your support and participation in this process, and if questions, you can reach out to me.


Tom Andriola

Vice President & Chief Information Officer

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  1. Patty Herkins

    Is there a way to solicit comments from colleagues we work with outside of OP for our performance review? For example, I work with a variety of colleagues from campuses with regards to DR testing. They may have some valuable input for my performance review and career development.

    Do you foresee the 360 review process implementation at OP? If so, when?
    Many thanks.

    1. Tom A

      There is no formal or system-based way to collect the feedback today. I’ll share what I do. I organize a set of questions that I send to individuals from outside the group (be it another part of ITS, OP, or the system). I ask for them to respond and use that input to compare with other data that I use on the person’s performance. I focus those questions more on the “how” a person gets their work done and how is it to work with the person. That has been the most productive approach for me


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