Message for July

Happy summer everyone!

anr1_ucop-20I am going to devote this entry to just one topic – the performance appraisal process. Let me explain why. Across the course of my career, I’ve learned that we can’t do everything and time is our biggest constraint. So I have to think carefully about what is most important, and dedicate larger chunks of my attention to those topics. I have learned (with much, much coaching) that my attention needs to be on strategic alignment, our operating model, and talent development.

So for me, the performance appraisal process is not an administrative exercise; it is a process that determines our organizational effectiveness and performance. It helps us to talk about the prior year’s objectives, successes, struggles, and contribution. It gives us the opportunity to formally sit down with each and every employee and discuss that person’s goals and career aspirations, and align them to what we are doing with our whole team.

This is not always easy, and it does require a time commitment. This commitment is well worth the effort and builds a level of trust in our efforts to improve our performance as an organization. I am asking all employees, both individuals and managers, to make a concerted effort to bring more energy and focus to these tasks over the next few months – to have real dialog; to think about, discuss, and set objectives that relate to our Guiding Statement and 5-point Strategy; and to help every employee make development goals that connect to their career aspirations.

We have timed manager refresher training, as well as a webinar on professional development for everyone, to prepare the entire organization for these dialogs. Please take them seriously and schedule the time you need to fully engage in the performance management process.


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