Apply to the UC IT Leadership Program!

Last year the CIOs and I sponsored the first UC IT Leadership, Innovation and Collaboration Program for over 30 emerging leaders in IT across the UC system. Based on the resounding success of that program, I am pleased to announce that we are soliciting applications for the second cohort, to participate in December 2016 and March of next year.

What is the program all about? Well, you can watch this video to hear directly from last year’s participants! In essence, the UC CIOs and I developed the program, in partnership with the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, to develop IT leadership skills within the university.

This year, the program consists of two 3-day sessions, the first taking place December 6 – 8, and the second, March 7 – 9. The curriculum covers strategic leadership, collaboration, and innovation across our enterprise, focusing on the competencies IT leaders most need to engage our organizations in change.

Participants will have the opportunity to

  • receive the best content in strategic leadership, innovation, and change management,
  • interact with peers from across the system and build the relationships necessary for collaboration, and
  • get the preparation to help guide UC through the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Eligible candidates demonstrate a strong performance and leadership record, want to support collaboration across locations, and are one or two levels from a CIO position.

Though most candidates are nominated by their CIO, some slots are available for participants who wish to nominate themselves to be considered for participation. They should submit the leadership program application for the upcoming cohort by September 30, 2016, to Tom Andriola and Yvonne Tevis.

The knowledge and networks that will come from this program can transform the role of IT across the university.


Comments (5)

  1. Stephen Hauskins

    If you want innovation – make the application an online form. Making people fill out Word documents and then email it to people is about 10 years behind the curve.

    1. Tom Andriola (Post author)

      Thank you for your input. You have a good point.

  2. Daniel Companeetz

    Sounds like a great program that I look forward to participate in the future! Is there anything like this for “aspiring” leaders, which are more removed from the CIO than the 2 levels requried, but would like similar system-wide development and networking opportunities. The “aspiring” leaders of today, may be the leaders of tomorrow!

  3. Quico Gonzalez

    Hi Daniel,

    There certainly is an excellent program for “aspiring leaders” such as yourself. I attended the Educause Management Institute several years ago in Boulder, CO. The instructors were CIOs from higher ed across the country.

    The training was invaluable for me since I was a new manager at the time. In addition to management training, they offer a leadership institute and a programed geared for new IT managers. See for more information.

    1. Tom Andriola

      Quico makes an excellent point. There are several excellent programs through Educause for people at all levels. I suggest strongly getting involved with Educause.


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