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UCSB’s COVID-19 IT Response

UCSB campus storke tower Photo Credit: MATT PERKO

By Harrison Tasoff. As classes, research and administration transition to the internet, the campus’s information technology (IT) departments have had the monumental task of adapting systems, increasing capacity and keeping the university up and running.

The good news is that…
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CruzHacks 2020: A Student-Led, High Energy Weekend 

By Jim Phillips. Stevenson College at UC Santa Cruz overlooks the Monterey Bay, offering one of the most impressive views our campus has to offer (and that is saying a lot). Each year, on the three-day Martin Luther King day weekend,…
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How ITS Has Helped UCR Transition to Remote Learning

ITS provides drive-thru distribution of laptops in its Loan2Learn program. (UCR/ITS)

By Imran Ghori. Ensuring that UC Riverside students, faculty, and staff members can access proper equipment and technology has been a key part of the campus’ transition to remote learning and working.

Information Technology Solutions, or ITS,…
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Going Online? Choose Accessible

By Judy Thai. For many of us, our professional lives and the lives of our students have moved online with the COVID-19 pandemic. But is that online world accessible to people with disabilities? As a university committed to diversity
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Advancing Accessible Technologies for All

Researchers working on wayfinding technology for older adults and individuals with vision impairments (from left): Ph.D. student Emory Edwards, M.S. student Maya Gupta, Professor Stacy Branham and undergraduate Hipolito Ruiz.

By Shani Murray. Informatics researchers are currently leading two accessible technology projects: one targeting children with neuro-developmental disorders, and the other targeting older adults and people with vision impairments through a partnership with Toyota.

Two current projects led by researchers…
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