Editor of UC IT Blog, Yvonne Tevis, to Retire

Yvonne Tevis with two dogs

By Van Williams. After nearly 34 years of UC service, Yvonne Tevis is retiring!

Yvonne’s impact on the UC IT and UC Tech community cannot be overstated. She has helped build the systemwide community among technology staff across UC, most notably through the creation and publication of this blog you are currently reading. You can get a small sense of that impact by looking at how she has grown the UC IT Blog to over 3,000 subscribers across the UC system.

During her career at UCOP she became a systemwide champion for web accessibility, working with colleagues across UC to help make the university’s electronic environment accessible to people with disabilities. She co-founded and has been an active contributor to the UC Women in Tech Committee.

She has been the point of contact for many campus IT leaders, including me, to understand how UC IT works. She has also served as a glue connecting our campus tech communities through the sourcing and editing of blog stories; through the promotion and support of UC Tech events; through helping lead transformative projects like accessibility; through engagement in systemwide committees; and by supporting our UC IT governance.

She started out as a senior writer at UCR with the UC Institute for Mexico and the United States. The next stop in her UC journey was UCSF, where she worked as an editor and writer in Student Academic Affairs. In 2001, she joined the UCOP Information Technology Services department. 

I want to also extend a sincere note of gratitude for the professionalism, dedication, and impact that Yvonne has shown to the UC mission, to Information Technology Services, and to helping make me successful over the last seven months in a new role. Every day that I’ve had the opportunity to work with Yvonne has been a true privilege, and I will miss her.

Yvonne’s last day is June 29, and I am sure you will join me in wishing her congratulations on a long, impactful, and rewarding UC career. You can leave a message for Yvonne on her kudoboard.

Van Williams
Van Williams is the UC chief information officer and vice president, Information Technology, University of California Office of the President

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  1. Jackie Porter


    Congratulations for 34 years of providing excellence at UC. You are an amazing person who is practically irreplaceable. We will miss you terribly but you very much deserve time to focus on yourself and your family.

    Please write to us every once in awhile and share more pics! Love seeing you smile. Sending you virtual hugs. Namaste.

  2. Josh Bright

    Congratulations and best wishes Yvonne on your upcoming retirement! I agree wholeheartedly with Van’s description of your wonderful qualities and service; thank you so much for your contributions to UC!

  3. Lena Zentall

    Congratulations, Yvonne! UCOP is much richer for your many contributions.


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